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Bypass Bags

PDK 10/20 PE-Kern
PDK 10/20 PE-Kern
PDK 10/20 PE-KernPDK 10/20 PE-Kern
  • optimum handling
  • with 3 sizes from 100 - 1,200 mm
  • very lightweight due to PE-core
  • exchangeable sleeve

With big opening for easy divertion.

If there is a requirement to reroute...mehrmore

With big opening for easy divertion.

If there is a requirement to reroute the sewage from defective piping by bypassing the defective location and letting the sewage flow back into the pipeline behind this location, then bypass bags are the suitable solution due to their largest possible through-flow opening. Only three bypass bags are required for pipe diameters from 100 mm to 1,200 mm (4 inch to 48 inch). The outside thread enables the connection coupling to be freely selectable.

Please note:

With the sizes PDK 10/20 and PDK 20/50 the bypass adapters are fitted on the PE core with screws. With bypass bag PDK 50/120, the duct (also with outside threads) is directly in the PE core. If required, a through-flow opening of up to 8″ can be supplied.


Standard test counter-pressure of 5 m WC (7.25 psi).

* Can be supplied with 6'' or 8''duct if required.

ProduktProductArt.-Nr.Pressure [psi]Druck [bar]OpeningDurchgangPipe diameter [inch]Rohrdurchmesser [mm]Diameter approx. [inch]Durchmesser ca. [mm]Cylinder length [inch]Zylinderlänge [mm]Total length [inch]Gesamtlänge [mm]Air requirement [cu. ft.]Luftbedarf [Liter]Weight [lbs]Gewicht [kg]Test counterpressure [psi]Prüfgegendruck [m WS]
PDK 10/20 PE-Kern1 481 004 40121.751,51 x 2 1/2''1 x 2 1/2''4-8100-2003.99719.1485256350.95274.92,27.255
PDK 20/50 PE-Kern1 481 005 00121.751,51 x 4'' AG1 x 4'' AG8-20200-5007.719521.755027.670051431577.255
PDK 50/120 PE-Kern*1 481 008 00021.751,51 x 4'' AG1 x 4'' AG20-48500-120017.74503794042.1107050.1142081.136,87.255
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