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Permanent Aspirator (PA)

  • For suctioning and pumping out liquids
  • Pump can be switched on separately
  • Capacity of 100 l (3.5 cu. ft.)
  • Trolley for round container

The specialist for suctioning and pumping out liquids

Vetter will not lea...mehrmore

The specialist for suctioning and pumping out liquids

Vetter will not leave you out in the rain. Our high-performance aspirator range was specifically developed for fire services. Connect a fire hose to the permanent aspirators to suction the water or liquids left in deep cellars or other rooms after flooding, storms, burst pipes or fires quickly and easily - and pump them out at the same time!

As a hazardous materials specialist with many years of practical experience, Vetter is well acquainted with your needs. That is why we manufacture the collection containers of our oil and water aspirators using sturdy glass-fibre-reinforced polyester, thus garanteeing excellent resistance to chemicals. To ensure your safety, all appliances have spark suppression and are also completely earthed from the suction pipe to the cable.


Information to the motor head

  • Current consumption: 4.6 Ampere (amps)
  • Power consumption: 1000 Watt
  • Voltage: 240/50/60 V/Hz


Information to the pump

  • Flow rate of pump: 260 l/min. (9.2 cu.ft/min.)
  • Pumping height: 11 m (36 ft.)
  • Current consumption: 3.4 Ampere (amps)
  • Power consumption: 800 Watt
  • Voltage: 240/50 V/Hz
ProduktProductArt.-Nr.Negative pressure [mm WS]Unterdruck [mm WS]Capacity collection containers [litres]Fassungsvermögen Behälter [Liter]Dimensions (L x W x H) [cm]Abmessung (L x B x H) [cm]Pump delivery rate [cu. ft./min]Förderleistung Pumpe [Liter / min.]Weight, approx. [kg]Gewicht (komma) ca. [kg]Suction power air [litres / min.]Saugleistung Luft [Liter / min.]Suction power water [litres / min.]Saugleistung Wasser [Liter / min.]
PA22100013033.523923.5310034 x Ø 2586 x Ø 629.2260773510730305.7160
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