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E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS)

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  • 1110021800
  • 1110021800
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Reusable multiple times and easy to set up – the Vetter E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS) The... more

Reusable multiple times and easy to set up – the Vetter E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS)

The innovative Vetter E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS) ensures a safe cooling, transportation and storage of extinguished electric and hybrid vehicles. Extinguished electric vehicles require a different handling than non-electric vehicles. It is critical to cool the lithium-ion battery to avoid a re-igniting. The safe transport and storage of an extinguished electric vehicle are further challenges.

The E-Vehicle Isolation System (EIS) gives clear answers to this:

After extinguishing a fire in an electric or hybrid vehicle, the vehicle can be cooled, transported and safely stored with the EIS. But how exactly does this work?

PREPARING THE EIS: Due to its intelligent design and carrying handles the EIS is easy to transport

PACKING UP THE VEHICLE: the electric vehicle is lifted up & EIS is positioned below

FLOODING AND COOLING THE BATTERY: the EIS is flooded until the vehicle’s battery unit is under water

LIFTING: lifting and loading

TRANSPORTING AND STORING THE VEHICLE: EIS filled water should be stored for 72 hours

STORING AND REUSING THE EIS: Checking, cleaning and reusing!

  • Safe handling of electric vehicles in which a fire has been extinguished
  • Cooling, transportation and storage of electric vehicles after a fire has been extinguished
  • Safe cooling of the lithium ion battery
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Flexibility and mobility thanks to the compact design
  • Minimal extinguishing water requirements 
  • Can be reused multiple times 
  • Extremely durable and tear-resistant
  • Fluoric acid (LiPF6) resistant
  • Cooling, transportation and storage of electric vehicles in which a fire has been extinguished
  • Universal fit for all standard car dimensions
  • Water level gauge for checking the filling level in the EIS
  • CE-certified


Technical Data

Article-No   1110021800
Dimensions  (LxBxH) cm 500 x 250 (160) x 120 (165)
Permissible load capacity t 8,5
Permissible car weight t 3,5
Vehicle length minimal cm 269,5
Vehicle length maximal cm 500
Weight of EIS without accessories kg 46
Weight of the accessories trolley kg 37
Material tarpaulin   Polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides (in accordance with DIN EN 12641-2)
Temperature resistance °C 70
Lifting- and lashing belts   Acc. ISO 1492-1
Water connection   Storz coupling size C
Maximum water pressure bar 5
Maximum volume l 5000
Nominal volume of hybrid verhicles  l 2500
Nominal Volume of elelctric vehicles  l 2500


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