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Pipe sealing bags and bypass bags FS

RDK 7/15 FS
RDK 7/15 FS
RDK 7/15 FS
RDK 7/15 FSRDK 7/15 FSRDK 7/15 FS
  • For pipes with diameter up to 140 cm (55 inch)
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Withstands counterpressure up to 5 m WC (7.25 psi)
  • Very high resistance to heat

Safely seal or divert pipes.

Protect sewage systems and ground water from...mehrmore

Safely seal or divert pipes.

Protect sewage systems and ground water from serious contamination. Vetter pipe sealing bags FS help your team stop hazardous substances quickly. With Vetter bypass bags, you can dam up hazardous liquids and gases and divert them controlled using a fire hose. Vetter's pipe sealing bags and bypass bags FS were specifically designed and developed for fire services. The bags individually adjust to different line diameters and are especially resistant to chemicals as well as heat.


  • Working pressure: 1.5 bar (21.75 psi)
  • Test pressure: 1.95 bar (28.5 psi)
  • Test counterpressure: 5 m water column (7.25 psi)
ProduktProductArt.-Nr.Working pressure [psi]Betriebsdruck [bar]Weight, approx. [lbs]Gewicht, ca. [kg]Cylinder length [inch]Zylinderlänge [cm]Diameter [inch]Durchmesser [cm]Test pressure [psi]Prüfdruck [bar]Air requirement, at working pressure [cu. ft.]Luftbedarf bei Betriebsdruck [Liter]Pipe diameter [inch]Rohrdurchmesser [cm]Bypass size ['']Bypass-Größe ['']
RDK 7/15 FS148200070021.751,51.10,512302.76,828.51,950.39,53-67-15----
RDK 10/20 FS148200080021.751,520,920513.5928.51,95128,84-810-20----
RDK 20/40 FS148200090021.751,57.73,525.865,57.719,528.51,955.71608-1620-40----
RDK 30/60 FS148200100021.751,516.17,328.973,511.629,528.51,9512.8362,512-2430-60----
RDK 50/100 FS148200110021.751,536.416,543.711117.74528.51,9553.8152520-4050-100----
RDK 80/140 FS148200120021.751,5105.84871.318130.978,528.51,95110.3312532-5580-140----
BK 7/15 FS148300220021.751,57.53,412302.76,828.51,950.26,43-67-1511
BK 10/20 FS148300140021.751,57.53,419.148,53.89,728.51,950.822,54-810-202 1/22 1/2
BK 20/50 FS148300150021.751,520.79,421.7557.719,528.51,955.6157,58-2020-5044
BK 50/120 FS148300160021.751,5115.152,236.29217.74528.51,9550.1142020-4750-12044
BK 80/140 FS148300100021.751,5152.26871.318130.978,528.51,95108.6307532-5580-14044
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