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Flange drain bag

DN 100
DN 100
DN 100
DN 100DN 100DN 100
  • Completely covers the flange
  • For lots of pipe connections
  • For DN 50 (50 mm/1.9 inch) to DN 100 (100 mm/3.9 inch)
  • Sealing pressure of 1 bar (14.5 psi)

Perfect fit for safe drainage at flanges.

Problems with leaky pipe connec...mehrmore

Perfect fit for safe drainage at flanges.

Problems with leaky pipe connections? Make the task of sealing difficult leaks on all types of flanges easier for your team. Flanges are critical pipe sections and conventional sealing bags will rarely be effective here. Vetter flange drain bags cover the flange and pipe, reliably stop the leakage of hazardous liquids and at the same time allow you to drain off the liquid in a controlled and safe manner. The bags come in three sizes to cover all customary pipelines and flanges. Gel plates are included for convenient smoothing out of minor irregularities and unevenness on the pipe's surface.

It couldn't be simpler:

Place the bag around the flange and pipe, close the zip fastener along the entire length of the bag and inflate the sleeves. Immediately, everything is sealed and you can commence with controlled drainage of the liquid.


Uniform sealing pressure of 10 m WC (14.5 psi).

  • Working pressure: 1.5 bar (21.75 psi)
  • Test pressure: 1.95 bar (28.5 psi)
ProduktProductArt.-Nr.Working pressure [psi]Betriebsdruck [bar]Length [inch]Länge [cm]Sealing pressure [psi]Abdichtdruck [m WS]Outer diameter [inch]Durchmesser außen [cm]Test pressure [psi]Prüfdruck [bar]Weight of individual bag, approx. [lbs]Gewicht Einzelkissen, ca. [kg]Air requirement, at working pressure [cu. ft.]Luftbedarf bei Betriebsdruck [Liter]Weight of set, approx. [lbs]Gewicht Set, ca. [kg]
DN 50150000660021.751,5359014.5108.32128.51,956.83,10.11,2539.217,8
DN 80150001920021.751,5359014.5108.32128.51,956.83,10.11,2539.217,8
DN 100150002340021.751,5369214.5109.82528.51,957.73,50.11,2540.118,4
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