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Pneumatic collection tubs

High capacity for decontaminating vehicles.

With pneumatic collection tub...mehrmore

High capacity for decontaminating vehicles.

With pneumatic collection tubs from Vetter you can be sure you are using the latest technology and that you are fully prepared even for major emergencies, such as epidemics. In emergency scenarios, you will be able to decontaminate trucks and emergency vehicles, for example, in a safe and controlled way. Stop hazardous substances before they cause environmental damage and store them temporarily until further action can be taken. In the case of a leaking tanker, for instance, push the collection tub directly under the vehicle at the scene of the accident.

Vetter's pneumatic collection tubs can be set up in seconds and buy you valuable time to put measures in place to seal leaks.


  • Working pressure: 0.3 bar (4.35 psi)
  • Test pressure: 0.39 bar (5.7 psi)
ProduktProductArt.-Nr.Working pressure [psi]Betriebsdruck [bar]Capacity [cu. ft.]Fassungsvermögen [Liter]Weight, approx. [lbs]Gewicht, ca. [kg]External sizeGröße außenInternal sizeGröße innenTest pressure [psi]Prüfdruck [bar]Height [inch]Höhe [cm]Air requirement, at working pressure [cu. ft.]Luftbedarf bei Betriebsdruck [Liter]
Collection tub15130005014.350,325720371798 x 982,5 x 2,575 x 751,9 x 1,95.70,3982014404
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