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C-TEC (174 psi)

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The next generation! Light in weight, intuitive in use: Vetter C-TEC Vetter C-TEC combines... more

The next generation! Light in weight, intuitive in use: Vetter C-TEC

Vetter C-TEC combines the lifting power of the mini lifting bags and the lifting height of the well-known Vetter 1-bar lifting bags. Thus, it always adapts to the required lifting height individually to the application scenario and at the same time uses the power of a modern 12-bar system. Thanks  to the tool-free connection technology, 2 or more bags are ready for use in a few seconds. The load plate integrated in the bag ensures high stability and load-bearing capacity during the lifting process. Lifting point loads and objects with sharp or pointed surfaces is also possible without additional adapters.

Would you like a lifting-bag set that is perfectly matched to what you need? Contact us. We will be glad to advise you!

The choice is yours.

  • 3 different lifting bag sizes
  • 4 control elements (2 deadman variants, 1 fitting variant)
  • Many different compressed air sources, e.g. compressed air bottle, compressor, compressed air connection to the vehicle
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